57-53, 26-28 away
77-33, 40-15 home

Scoring Summary

2ndMuncy homered to right (357 feet).01
2ndBellinger hit sacrifice fly to center, Lux scored.02
3rdPolanco homered to right (405 feet), Sánchez scored and Arraez scored.32
5thSánchez homered to right center (400 feet).42
5thT. Turner singled to left, Betts scored.43
5thSmith doubled to deep right center, T. Turner scored.44
6thTaylor homered to left (403 feet).45
7thGallo homered to left center (399 feet), T. Turner scored and Smith scored.48
9thArraez scored on Kimbrel wild pitch, Correa to third on wild pitch by Kimbrel.58