60-50, 26-29 away
58-52, 33-21 home

Scoring Summary

1stMountcastle grounded into double play, second to first, Mullins scored, Santander out at second, Rutschman to third.01
1stVavra singled to right, Rutschman scored.02
2ndBichette homered to right (347 feet).12
3rdVavra hit sacrifice fly to center, Santander scored, Mountcastle to third.13
6thKirk singled to right center, Guerrero Jr. scored on error, Kirk safe at second on throwing error by second baseman Odor.23
6thBichette homered to right (333 feet), Kirk scored and Chapman scored.53
7thMountcastle doubled to deep right, Rutschman scored.54
8thOdor homered to right (415 feet), Hays scored.56