54-56, 25-29 away
62-51, 32-24 home

Scoring Summary

1stWade Jr. homered to right (367 feet).10
4thSoto homered to right (395 feet).11
6thBell singled to center, Soto scored, Machado to second.12
6thCronenworth hit sacrifice fly to center, Machado scored.13
8thKim hit a ground rule double to deep center, Bell scored, Cronenworth to third.14
9thWynns walked, Yastrzemski scored, Slater to second, Flores to third.24
9thBelt walked, Flores scored, Wynns to second, Slater to third.34
9thLongoria hit sacrifice fly to left, Slater scored.44
9thMachado homered to left (401 feet), Profar scored and Soto scored.47