57-52, 26-27 away
76-33, 39-15 home

Scoring Summary

1stSmith doubled to deep right center, Freeman scored.01
2ndCelestino reached on infield single to pitcher, Urshela scored.11
2ndBellinger doubled to right, Gallo scored and Lux scored.13
2ndT. Turner doubled to center, Bellinger scored.14
3rdMuncy homered to right center (412 feet).15
4thT. Turner grounded out to pitcher, Betts scored.16
7thMuncy doubled to right, Freeman scored, Smith to third.17
7thJ. Turner grounded out to shortstop, Smith scored.18
8thBuxton homered to left (390 feet), Gordon scored.38
8thT. Turner doubled to left, Thompson scored.39
8thSmith singled to right, T. Turner scored.310