Scoring Summary

1stRizzo homered to center (422 feet).01
3rdJudge homered to left (449 feet), LeMahieu scored.03
5thMerrifield singled to right, Garcia scored and Lopez scored, Melendez to third.23
5thPerez homered to center (424 feet), Melendez scored and Merrifield scored.53
8thBenintendi reached on infield single to first, Rizzo scored, Donaldson to second, Torres to third.54
8thHicks walked, Torres scored, Benintendi to second, Donaldson to third.55
8thKiner-Falefa singled to shallow left, Donaldson scored, Hicks to second, Benintendi to third.56
8thTrevino grounded out to third, Benintendi scored, Kiner-Falefa to second, Hicks to third.57
8thJudge homered to right (370 feet), Hicks scored, Kiner-Falefa scored and LeMahieu scored.511