37-54, 14-30 away
45-44, 24-19 home

Scoring Summary

1stRamírez singled to right, Kwan scored, Ramírez to second, Rosario to third.01
1stNaylor grounded out to second, Rosario scored, Ramírez to third.02
1stMiller tripled to deep center, Ramírez scored.03
3rdGreene homered to right center (386 feet).13
4thH. Castro doubled to right, Báez scored.23
4thW. Castro singled to right, H. Castro scored.33
4thGreene doubled to deep right, W. Castro scored and Schoop scored, Grossman to third.53
4thHedges singled to left, Giménez scored, Miller to second.54
7thNaylor hit sacrifice fly to left, Straw scored.55
7thGiménez singled to shallow left, Kwan scored, Ramírez to second.56