Scoring Summary

5thDrury hit sacrifice fly to right, Senzel scored, Fairchild to third.10
6thStanton grounded out to second, Judge scored, Rizzo to third.11
8thVotto singled to left, India scored, Pham to second.21
8thK. Farmer singled to right center, Pham scored and Votto scored, K. Farmer to second.41
8thJudge homered to center (435 feet).42
8thTorres homered to right (354 feet), Carpenter scored.44
10thVotto doubled to right center, Drury scored.54
10thStephenson doubled to left, Reynolds scored.64
10thSolano singled to left, Stephenson scored, Solano to second.74
10thCarpenter homered to right (396 feet), Stanton scored.76