39-49, 17-23 away
44-42, 22-21 home

Scoring Summary

1stMercedes doubled to deep right center, Slater scored.01
1stVillar tripled to deep right, Mercedes scored, Villar scored on throwing error by second baseman Alcántara and Ruf scored.04
2ndBart homered to center (430 feet).05
2ndMercedes homered to left (365 feet), Slater scored.07
3rdEstrada homered to left (404 feet).08
7thEstrada homered to left (394 feet), Mercedes scored.010
8thSlater singled to center, Wynns scored, Bart to second.011
8thFlores doubled to deep left, Bart scored, Slater to third.012
8thMercedes grounded out to second, Slater scored.013