40-43, 20-26 away
53-32, 28-14 home

Scoring Summary

4thAlonso homered to left (418 feet).01
6thAnderson doubled to deep center, Aguilar scored, García to third, Sánchez thrown out at home.11
6thGarcía scored on Lugo wild pitch, Anderson to third on wild pitch by Lugo.21
6thLindor homered to left (390 feet), Nido scored.23
8thAguilar homered to left (380 feet).33
10thBerti reached on infield single to shortstop, Hamilton scored on throwing error by shortstop Lindor, Berti to second.43
10thNido doubled to left, Canha scored.44
10thNido scored on error, Nimmo safe at first on throwing error by pitcher Scott.45