41-39, 20-19 away
37-45, 21-23 home

Scoring Summary

1stPeralta singled to left center, Marte scored, Walker to second.01
2ndPerdomo scored on error, Rojas safe at first on fielding error by second baseman La Stella, Rojas safe at second on error, Herrera safe at third on error.02
2ndThomas singled to center, Herrera scored and Rojas scored.04
5thBart hit a ground rule double to deep left center, Crawford scored, La Stella to third.14
5thWade Jr. grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, La Stella scored, Bart out at third.24
8thRuf homered to left (429 feet), Slater scored.44
9thSlater doubled to right, Yastrzemski scored and Crawford scored, La Stella to third.64
9thWynns hit sacrifice fly to center, La Stella scored, Slater to third.74
9thMarte singled to right, Perdomo scored, Thomas to third.75