35-43, 16-21 away
34-44, 22-21 home

Scoring Summary

1stCron singled to left, Bryant scored, Blackmon to second.01
1stRodgers homered to center (434 feet), Blackmon scored and Cron scored.04
2ndWalker homered to left (393 feet).14
4thMarte singled to left, Hummel scored.24
4thJoe tripled to right, Grichuk scored, McMahon scored and Serven scored.27
6thLuplow singled to left, Hager scored.37
6thMarte homered to left (389 feet).47
6thWalker homered to left (376 feet).57
6thBryant singled to left center, McMahon scored, Joe to second.58
6thBlackmon doubled to deep right center, Bryant scored and Joe scored.510
6thCron singled to center, Blackmon scored.511
9thVarsho homered to right (425 feet), Walker scored.711