25-53, 17-25 away
37-41, 18-19 home

Scoring Summary

1stToro sacrificed into double play, left to catcher to shortstop, Rodríguez scored, Winker thrown out at third.01
3rdAndrus homered to left (402 feet).11
3rdRodríguez homered to center (416 feet).12
4thMoore homered to left (414 feet), Frazier scored.14
5thLaureano homered to right (383 feet), Allen scored and Kemp scored.44
5thToro singled to left center, Winker scored, Santana to second.45
5thRaleigh tripled to deep center, Raleigh scored on throwing error by second baseman Allen, Santana scored and Toro scored.48
8thNeuse singled to left, Murphy scored, Andrus to third.58
9thLaureano homered to right (344 feet).68