Scoring Summary

1stKirk singled to center, Springer scored.01
3rdGuerrero Jr. singled to shallow left, Springer scored.02
5thGuerrero Jr. reached on infield single to shortstop, Biggio scored, Bichette to second.03
5thHernández doubled to right, Bichette scored, Guerrero Jr. to third.04
5thEspinal singled to left center, Guerrero Jr. scored and Hernández scored.06
5thTapia singled to center, Espinal scored and Gurriel Jr. scored.08
5thBiggio tripled to deep right, Tapia scored.09
6thEspinal singled to right, Kirk scored, Hernández to third.010
7thStowers doubled to deep left, Rutschman scored.110
8thGuerrero Jr. homered to left (432 feet).111