Scoring Summary

1stHapp homered to right (372 feet).10
1stCarpenter walked, Judge scored, LeMahieu to second, Stanton to third.11
1stKiner-Falefa doubled to deep right, Stanton scored and LeMahieu scored, Carpenter to third.13
1stGallo doubled to deep right, Carpenter scored and Kiner-Falefa scored, Gonzalez to third.15
2ndCarpenter homered to right (399 feet), Stanton scored and LeMahieu scored.18
3rdHigashioka homered to left (397 feet).19
3rdStanton doubled to deep center, Gallo scored.110
4thSchwindel grounded out to third, Happ scored.210
5thHeyward reached on infield single to first, Hoerner scored.310
6thCarpenter homered to right (403 feet), Rizzo scored.312
7thHiggins doubled to left, Morel scored.412
7thRizzo singled to center, Higashioka scored, Judge to second, Gallo to third.413
7thStanton singled to shallow right, Gallo scored and Judge scored, Rizzo to second.415
7thCarpenter doubled to right, Rizzo scored, Stanton to third.416
7thKiner-Falefa reached on infield single to shortstop, Stanton scored, Carpenter to third.417
8thHigashioka homered to left (376 feet).418