Scoring Summary

1stChoi doubled to deep left center, Margot scored.01
1stArozarena doubled to deep left center, Choi scored.02
1stBruján doubled to left, Arozarena scored.03
2ndRamírez doubled to deep right, Kiermaier scored.04
3rdBruján grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Díaz scored, Arozarena out at second.05
4thO'Neill homered to right (378 feet).15
6thO'Neill singled to right center, Edman scored and Gorman scored, Goldschmidt to second.35
6thRamírez grounded into fielder's choice to second, Walls scored, Margot to second.36
6thArozarena grounded out to pitcher, Ramírez scored, Díaz to second, Choi to third.37
6thBruján singled to third, Choi scored, Díaz to third.38
7thChoi reached on infield single to pitcher, Margot scored, Ramírez to third.39
7thArozarena singled to center, Choi scored and Ramírez scored, Díaz to second.311