Scoring Summary


4thWalsh singled to right, Duffy scored and Ohtani scored, Trout to third.20
4thAdell reached on infield single to third, Trout scored, Walsh to second.30
4thSuzuki singled to center, Walsh scored, Marsh to third.40
4thWade grounded into fielder's choice to first, Marsh scored, Suzuki safe at second on throwing error by first baseman Hoskins.50
5thCastellanos hit sacrifice fly to right, Hoskins scored, Harper to third.51
5thRealmuto grounded out to first, Harper scored.52
8thMarsh singled to left, Walsh scored, Marsh thrown out at second.62
8thHarper homered to right (426 feet), Herrera scored, Stott scored and Schwarber scored.66
9thDuffy singled to right, Wade scored.76
9thStott homered to right (366 feet), Bohm scored and Gregorius scored.79
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