Scoring Summary


1stOhtani homered to right (413 feet).01
2ndGurriel Jr. doubled to left, Biggio scored and Kirk scored.21
2ndRengifo tripled to deep right, Rengifo scored on throwing error by second baseman Espinal.22
3rdKirk singled to right, Springer scored.32
3rdGurriel Jr. walked, Kirk scored, Biggio to second, Chapman to third.42
3rdTapia singled to center, Biggio scored and Chapman scored, Gurriel Jr. to third.62
3rdOhtani homered to center (425 feet), Ward scored.64
3rdStassi singled to center, Walsh scored and Rengifo scored.66
4thWard homered to center (414 feet), Wade scored.68
6thWard doubled to deep center, Wade scored.69
7thGurriel Jr. walked, Bichette scored, Chapman to second, Kirk to third.79
7thTapia singled to right, Kirk scored, Gurriel Jr. to second, Chapman to third.89
7thHernández walked, Chapman scored, Tapia to second, Gurriel Jr. to third.99
7thStassi homered to center (423 feet).910
8thBichette homered to center (405 feet).1010
8thGurriel Jr. doubled to right, Kirk scored, Guerrero Jr. to third.1110
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