Scoring Summary


1stGuerrero Jr. hit a ground rule double to deep left, Bichette scored.10
5thDuffy doubled to deep center, Rengifo scored, Trout to third.11
5thWalsh grounded out to first, Trout scored, Duffy to third.12
7thBiggio hit a ground rule double to deep right, Jansen scored.22
7thKirk singled to right, Biggio scored.32
7thTrout homered to center (414 feet), Ohtani scored.34
8thChapman doubled to right center, Hernández and Guerrero Jr. scored, Chapman safe at third on fielding error by second baseman Rengifo.54
8thTapia doubled to left, Chapman scored, Springer to third.64
9thMarsh singled to right center, Duffy scored, Stassi to second.65
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