23-16, 10-7 away
16-24, 11-10 home

Scoring Summary

5thZunino homered to left (383 feet), Arozarena scored and Paredes scored.30
7thNevin scored, Urías to second on Raley wild pitch.31
7thUrías scored, Chirinos to second on fielding error by left fielder Arozarena.32
7thMancini singled to center, Chirinos scored, Owings to third.33
10thPhillips doubled to right, Walls scored.43
10thDíaz singled to right, Phillips scored.53
10thSantander singled to right, Hays scored and Mullins scored, McKenna to third.55
11thKiermaier singled to left, Bruján scored, Arozarena to second.65
11thHays singled to left, Urías scored, Hays to second, Mullins to third.66
13thOdor homered to right (405 feet), Nevin scored.68