Scoring Summary


1stSegura homered to left.10
1stBohm grounded out to second, Harper scored, Realmuto to third.20
2ndMcCutchen singled to right center, Miller scored, Herrera to third.30
6thFreeman homered to center.31
9thSandoval homered to right center, Adrianza scored.33
11thMaton doubled to deep center, Realmuto scored.43
11thAdrianza reached on infield single to second, Pache scored on throwing error by shortstop Gregorius.44
12thHarper grounded into fielder's choice to catcher, Kingery scored on throwing error by pitcher Webb and McCutchen scored on error, Knapp safe at third on error.64
12thRealmuto singled to right, Knapp scored, Harper to second.74
12thContreras doubled to third, Albies scored, Swanson scored and Riley scored.77
12thAdrianza singled to right, Contreras scored, Pache to second.78
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