'My cocoa butter moisturising body oil to the rescue'

Who needs airport lounges if you could spread your wings and fly away? AFP

Anyone can bat like AB de Villiers given the right circumstances.

Maybe the family ran Jimmy Neesham out of the country - because he's turned up in Derbyshire, where he's going to busy himself playing a bit of cricket.

He's had no trouble finding his way about and Britain already seems like a home from home for him.

Wait until he tries the local cuisine.

Jimmy Anderson has of course proven himself very much at home this season, and it looks like the rest of the England team have been making themselves at home too.

Tidy up after yourselves! This isn't (for once) a hotel, you know.

Darren Sammy was the right man in the right place at the right time.

Sammy's heroism knows no bounds. We wouldn't be at all surprised to discover he could fly.

Unlike this guy. Belief and R Kelly lyrics won't get you very far in life, Ahmad. Mark our words.

Maybe he got hacked. It's happened before.

Ohhhh, that explains pretty much everything appearing on that account for the last seven years.

And brace yourself for more controversy. Those of a more conservative disposition might want to look away for this next bit. Nick Compton's been flashing a bit of sock.

Put them away, Nick. Cricket's supposed to be a family sport.

But at least Nick had a say in his shameful exposure. One fan really seems to have crossed the line here.

Wonder if it was taken in Nando's. Gujarat Lions don't appear to eat anywhere else.

Just the faintest whiff of a freebie, perhaps?

Those who follow his career will know that if Virat Kohli's dominating anything of late, it's the much-coveted in-flight selfie section of ESPNcricinfo's fortnightly Twitter round-up.

What a run of form.

Somewhere in the world there is always a cricketer complaining about air travel.

Or about air and car travel.

Or just about car travel.

If it's any consolation, Jimmy Neesham says they're the same in the UK.