The dare behind Russell Wilson's 'The Money Team' outfit

RENTON, Wash. -- You weren't alone if you were surprised to see Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson wearing a do-rag and a "The Money Team" hat in photos posted on social media Saturday night.

So was teammate Doug Baldwin. In a different way.

Baldwin actually dared Wilson to do it. He had asked the quarterback last week who he was rooting for in the highly anticipated and much-hyped boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

"I said The Money Team, of course," Wilson recalled Monday. "Mayweather. He's 49-0. He's got to win."

So, near the end of the Seahawks' preseason game Friday night, after the starters were done playing, Baldwin approached Wilson on the sideline.

"He said, 'All right, so I'm expecting you to wear a do-rag and be rooting for The Money Team then,'" Wilson recalled. "I said, 'You want me to do what?' He said, 'Wear a do-rag.' I said OK. He didn't believe I was going to do it. He said, '$100 if you do it.' Sure enough, I surprised them with the do-rag and The Money Team hat."

Several Seahawks and their significant others -- including Wilson and his wife Ciara -- watched the fight together at a movie theater near the team's headquarters. Wilson was impressed by how McGregor held his own before the referee stopped the fight in the 10th round when Mayweather had him on the ropes.

"I thought McGregor did a really good job for never boxing," Wilson said. "The first few rounds, obviously Floyd knew what he was doing. He really kinda wanted to bait him into swinging a bunch. The fun part was just all of our teammates were over at the movie theater just having a good time with their wives, girlfriends and all that. So that was a really good time just being able to watch it together and being entertained by greatness in terms of watching Floyd Mayweather box and also McGregor too. I thought he was really talented."

Wilson said he was in awe when he got an up-close look at Mayweather training for a fight a few years ago, calling it "one of the most spectacular things you'll ever watch." That inspired Wilson to incorporate boxing and jumping rope into his offseason training regimen.

"As I was sitting there on the side of the ring watching him box a couple years ago, I was like, man, this is a lot like playing quarterback a little bit if you watch his feet," Wilson said. "Just the balance and the quick twitch of the hips and just making decisions, all that was really kind of inspiring to watch. So that's when I really started tapping into training that way."